Fractional jet charter ownership hits different and have ultimately outstanding benefits to full or no ownership in a private jet. We dig through the best fractional jet charter options that exist in the market, why are they great, why they aren’t and our recommendations.


If you are in the market for a fractional jet charter membership, then keep reading. In this post we will dive deep into the key factors that circle around obtaining one, the pro and con, pricing, what we think and more. Think of charter.AI as your intellectual advisor.

We’ve compiled a handful of popular fractional jet charter memberships that you may want to consider. Let’s dive in.

What is A Fractional Jet Charter

Fractional jet ownership also known as shared ownership means you enjoy many of the benefits of owning your own private jet, but without the capital expenditure or ongoing cost you may incur of owning an aircraft outright. As a fractional jet charter owner, you invest in a share of a private jet rather than owning the entire aircraft. Your share will allocate number of flying hours on that aircraft and of course that comes with its own perks.

source: Crishya

Why Fractional Jet Charter

Good question many tend to ask, why should I engage in a Fractional Jet Charter membership. Well as mentioned above, fractional jet charter blocks off and fixes a certain number of hours to fly at allocated time and date windows. In essence a pure VIP on demand membership busy individuals, families and corporates tend to lean towards to without the hassle of owning and operating an aircraft.

In the diagram below it shows the average flight hour experience needed of new hires by company. This is derived from FlexJet investor presentation slide 29.

What this means to us and anyone seeking a membership for fractional jet charter should take a look at the experience needed as a New Hire prior to purchasing any membership.

Share sizes range from 1/16th (50 hours) to 1/2 (400 hours) with no limit on the number of shares one may own. Each level of ownership entitles includes a percentage of the 800 flight hours available per year on each aircraft. For example, a 1/8th share entitles an owner to 100 flight hours annually, which is approximately 50,000 miles.

FlexJet Fractional Jet Charter Offering

FlexJet is a leader in its industry, they operate a fleet of 250+ of the most modern and expertly maintained aircraft and helicopters, a true global aviation infrastructure network. They have 3,100 employees, including 1,100 pilots and 450 licensed maintenance technicians across nine locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy.

Types of Programs

Offered by FlexJet

Offered by SentientJet

Offered by FXAIR & PrivateFLY

What Are The Benefits of Fractional Jet Charter With FlexJet

  • None of the risks, restrictions and responsibilities associated with whole ownership.
  • Much smaller upfront capital deployment + fixed costs.
  • Repositioning, catering, and de-icing fees are covered.
  • There is the ability to upgrade or downgrade aircraft for specific trips.
  • Option to utilize more than one aircraft simultaneously
  • No maintenance downtime or need for supplemental lift
  • Access to multiple bases of operation
  • Option to sell share back to the provider at end of term
  • Depreciation deductions applicable to capital asset
  • Provider handles all crew scheduling, aircraft maintenance, insurance, regulatory compliance, hiring and training, storage and parking.

What We Think At Charter.AI

So obviously FlexJet are definitely dominating the space quite rapidly, utilizing their cashflows to acquire other brands and become the leading player. Big, healthy company, 25+ years in operational experience and solid customer base. They specialize in the flexible subscription based business and if your interested in some numbers according to their investor deck presentation:

Source: FlexJet Investor Deck, slide 33


With all aviation companies they tend to not like showing pricing publicly for obvious reasons. We try our best to find out for you what the pricing COULD be based on industry standard. According to FlexJet they have two card programs.

Initial Deposit: Prepaid base hours multiplied by the hourly rate of the primary aircraft type plus a Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%

Aircraft Flexibility: Choose from several aircraft types to accommodate your range and passenger needs

Inclusive Pricing: from flight time to pilot’s fees, everything is included in your flight-hour rate

Superior Service: FlexJet 25 jet card travelers have access to highly trained and experienced pilots and cabin crews.

Short Call out Time: as a FlexJet 25 jet cardholder, book a flight as little as 5 days** (don’t you love these asterisks clauses) advanced notice.

Fuel Component Adjustment: added to the base hourly rate to account for monthly fluctuations in the cost of fuel


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