Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Flights

Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Flights is an interesting subject for all travelers alike. We would like to clarify the major differences between the two. Flying is generally the most enjoyable part for a person’s travel. Normally it goes south once a traveler arrives at a commercial terminal. This means long TSA wait times and Customs and Borders enforcement zones. Resulting in common long delays and expected cancellations.

Private Jet Charter vs commercial flights

As we do accept last minute flights. We tend to have a 2 hour minimum. Regardless of your departure and arrival destination. Our dedicated team will ensure every detail is handled on your behalf. With the utmost confidentiality. We can’t wait for you to be wheels up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future empty leg flights and new charter quote requests. We will be happy in assisting you with your travel needs. Should you wish to fly domestic or internationally we got you covered. We can also service your flight with gifts from the duty free store.

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